About Us


Bounded with a desire of finding unique handpicked items, the essence of Boutique Minimaliste is the combination of quality, simplicity and a timeless aesthetic that empowers women everywhere, using them as a modern and intricate armour, giving them tools to feel good about themselves.

Inspired by geometric shapes, manufacturing process, sleek aesthetic and nature imperfection, resulted in the creation of a unique, delicate and subtle, that at the same time pushes the boundaries of design and creativity, resulting in a sophisticated, modern jewelry brand.

The end results are beautiful clean lines paired with supplies from all over the world, making each piece unique, giving it a personal and minimal feeling.

Boutique Minimaliste Handmade Collection is produced in Lisbon, Europe by a team of skilled designers with extreme care into each piece. We have some handmade items on our main shop, but for the complete Handmade Collection, please visit our Etsy Shop.



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